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The PureFresh Electric Coffee Grinder is the world’s first slow grinder and the only electric coffee grinder that can be quickly disassembled and washed. This portable and easy-to-use grinder is developed and produced in Taiwan and is the official grinder of the 2019 World Coffee Roasting Championship brew bar.

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Grind Size Consistency and Precision

The ceramic conical burr design of the PureFresh Electric Coffee Grinder gives superb consistency for espresso and manual brewing. The rotating part of the grinder is kept in place and does not rock while rotating, ensuring uniform grind size which results to even extraction of coffee. With 17 settings for grind size selection, you can choose the precise grind size that fits your brewing method.

Low speed and low heat

The PureFresh Electric Coffee Grinder uses a high torque motor with 80 revolutions per minute, making it the world’s slowest grinder. Grinding for one serving takes approximately 2 minutes. This low speed ensures that the coffee grounds do not heat up, so flavor and aroma of the beans are preserved.

Easy to clean

The 20-seconds quick release mechanism of the PureFresh Electric Coffee Grinder ensures that there are no residual coffee grounds from your previous grind so you get a clean and consistent cup of coffee.

The PureFresh Electric Coffee Grinder is also the world’s first and only fully washable electric grinder. The advanced design allows you to easily access and clean all parts (except the motor) and housing of the grinder.


At 22cm (9 inch) in height and weighing only 628g (22 ounces), the PureFresh Electric Coffee Grinder is compact, lightweight, and portable.

Low power consumption

2 power sources are provided — 110V-240V adapter and 12VDC car charger. With the 12VDC cable, the grinder consumes less than 25 watts.

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