CAFEC Paper Filters, TH2 Dark Roast – Size 02, 100 Sheets


For Body & Sweetness

  • Thickness-2: Thickness 0.22mm
  • Density: Middle
  • Two-Side Crepe (Low-height)

This paper has the “Two-Side Crepe” but the height of crepe is set to be lower. The surface area is a little larger than that of One-Side Crepe, that is, the adhesion area for fine powder is also larger. In the first half of brewing, because adhesion of fine powder is not so much so water can flow smoother, but in the last half, its adhesion becomes larger then it applies the brakes to water flow.

The first fast and later slow water flow finish up the coffee with body and sweetness.

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Electronic Microscope
Paper-making of Dark Roast Paper Filter
Wet Creping Method
The roller rotates faster than that by the Dryer drum. Thanks to the rotating speed difference (the difference is bigger than that when the light roast paper is made), the wet paper loose at the doctor blade. The two-side crepe is made by the speed difference but the paper with two-side crepe is dried on the drum, so the two-side crepe becomes lower than that made by Air Through dry.

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Filter Size

Size 02