CAFEC Paper Filters, TH1 Light Roast – Size 02, 100 Sheets


For Aroma & Clean Cup

  • Thickness-1: Thickness 0.15 mm
  • Density: High
  • One-Side Crepe (No crepe on inside and crepe on outside)

There is no crepe inside paper, so the inside surface area is small. Coffee fine powders attach within this small area, so little water path is left then water is building up inside paper filter. By building up water, plenty of aroma comes out. Further more, thanks to the outside crepe, the coffee liquid came outside flows smoothly.

Because its paper density is high, almost all fine powder is removed perfectly. You can get a clean cup of coffee.

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Electronic Microscope
Paper-making of Light Roast Paper Filter
Wet Creping Method
The roller rotates faster than that of the Dryer drum. Thanks to the rotating speed difference (the difference is smaller than that when the dark roast paper is made), the wet paper gets loose at the doctor blade. The lower crepe is made by the speed difference but the paper with lower two-side crepe is dried on the drum, so the one-side crepe becomes little then made the paper with one-side low crepe.

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Filter Size

Size 02